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Mt. Olive, Alabama  35117-9532

Steve Loggins, Director of Missions,
Dixie Kuykendall, Church & Communities Ministries,
Lawanna Hand, Secretary/Clerk,
Office (205) 631-4126  FAX (205) 631-4156

THE CARING CENTER (205) 608-3112


  The North Jefferson Baptist Association is an association of missionary Baptist Churches located north of Birmingham, Alabama.  There are 36 churches in the Association.   The churches range in size from rural small membership churches to the mega-church!  We are a diverse group of Southern Baptist churches with one aim and goal... to further the cause of Christ in our area and beyond through evangelism, fellowship, training, and cooperative mission support and projects. We are gladly affiliated with the Alabama Baptist State Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.

The North Jefferson Baptist Association was formed over one hundred and twenty five years ago by ten churches of the Northern area of Jefferson County, Alabama.  Jefferson county, Alabama stands alone in the Southern Baptist Convention for the distinction of having 5 Baptist associations in one county. Our association was originally known as the Mineral Springs Baptist Association.   Since that time long ago, the Association has grown to include 36 churches with close to 17,000 people as members of these churches.  Our largest church is Gardendale's First Baptist Church with about 5,300 members and an average weekly attendance of over 2,900 in worship.  We have a growing number of churches whose average attendance would be between 100 - 400.  About a third of our churches would be considered small membership churches with less than 50 in average weekly attendance.  We represent a variety of styles of worship from shaped note gospel singing to the cutting edge of contemporary worship.  We are a very conservative association doctrinally but aggressively bold in winning people to Jesus Christ!  Despite our differences in size and worship, there is a place for everyone in the Association because we are a family of churches working together for the cause of Christ!




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