CIRCA  1970-1972

Steve Loggins

My mom recorded several Christmas and Spring concerts from these years with a handheld mono cassette recorder held in her lap -  My sister  was in Caroliers at the time - I was both a Cavalier and a Warbler during this time, as well.

I hope you enjoy hearing the young voices and the high standard that the music program of Woodlawn High School presented in the latter years of Uncle Joe Turner and Mrs. Wright, our choral teachers.

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Music/Closing Chorus.mp3          Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/Down In The Valley.mp3    Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/Everybody's Got a Home But Me.mp3  Randy Morrison - solo - Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/Ezekiel Saw De Wheel (finale only).mp3  duet Tony Henderson and ?  Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/I Got Shoes.mp3  Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/In Dem Old Cotton Fields back home.mp3  Hobo Show March 25, 1972  guitar - Gil Franks

Music/Kentucky Babe.mp3  Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/Lyda Rose - spring concert.mp3   Warblers/ Spring Concert 1971

Music/Mood Indigo.mp3  Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/New Ashmolean Marching Society.mp3  Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/Oh Mona.mp3  Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/Old Man River.mp3  Hobo Show March 25, 1972  (Phil Cain, soloist)

Music/Plenty Good Room.mp3  Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/Soon a' Will Be Done.mp3  Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/Walk Together Chillem.mp3  Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/We Meet again - Opening Chorus.mp3   Hobo Show March 25, 1972

Music/What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor.mp3   Warblers /Spring Concert 1971

Music/Without a Song - solo.mp3   Donny Douglas - solo - Hobo Show March 25, 1972

  Music/All the things You Are.mp3   Girls Glee Club/ Spring Concert 1971

 Music/1970 Christmas Processional O Come All Ye Faithful.mp3

 Music/Do You Hear What I Hear.mp3  1970 Christmas Concert

 Music/Gloria Patri.mp3   1970 Christmas Concert -  Warblers/Glee Club  with Cavaliers and Caroliers echoing from the balcony

 Music/O Holy Child.mp3   1970 Christmas Concert

 Music/O Holy Night.mp3   1970 Christmas Concert (I apologize for the gaps, the tape broke and had to be spliced, losing part of the solo parts - unknown to me who sang these parts)

 Music/Sweet Little Jesus Boy -solo.mp3  1970 Christmas Concert       soloist - Doug Vinson

 Music/The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy.mp3 1970 Christmas Concert

 Music/While By Our Sleeping Flocks we Lay.mp3  1970 Christmas Concert  (another echoing from the balcony number)

 Music/Then Let Us Be Merry.mp3  1970 Christmas Concert

 Music/Come In - Girls Glee Club  Spring 1971.mp3     Spring Concert 1971

 Music/Psalm 23 - Girls Glee Club.mp3   Spring Concert 1971


Music/The Spirit of Christmas - 1972 Woodlawn.mp3  Christmas Concert 1972   

Music/And the Glory of the Lord - 1972 Christmas Woodlawn.mp3    Christmas Concert 1972

Music/While by our sleeping flocks we lay - 1972 Christmas Woodlawn.mp3   Christmas Concert 1972

Music/Mary Had a Baby - 1972 Christmas Woodlawn.mp3  Christmas Concert 1972

Shepherd Medley - 1972.mp3     (Angels We Have Heard on High/Bring A Torch, Jeannette Isabella/What Child is This?)  Christmas Concert 1972

Gloria Patri Et Filio.mp3    (1972 Christmas Concert version of the same song sung in 1970)

Hallelujah Chorus.mp3  (featuring the Woodlawn Concert Band and all vocal clubs of the school -  My apologies that mom missed the opening notes of the song.)

The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy - 1972 Christmas Concert

The Little Drummer Boy - played by the Woodlawn High School Concert Band

Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones - 1970 Christmas Concert

For those who Like this sort of thing

Just for Fun - a mix of the 1970 and 1972 performances of "The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy"  (This shows how great our directors and musicians were that I was able to synchronize the music - it sounds a little muddled in places but overall, remarkable!)

New for 2016  (These four songs came from the 1970 spring concert - and were sung by the Warblers, Glee Club, Caroliers, and Cavaliers plus the vocal classes - 500 voice choir)

Music/Charlotte Town.mp3 

Music/The New Jerusalem.mp3

Music/You'll never walk alone.mp3

Music/This is my country.mp3

New for 2017!  Thanks to Tom Harris  (Warbler - class of '63) - I have the entire 1963 Farewell Minstrel Show!

I have separated the dialogue and routines from the music for ease of listening - Enjoy! 

Club Song

Opening Chorus

First End Man Routine

In the Evening, by the Moonlight

Willie and the horsefly

Honor, Honor (unto the Dying Lamb)

The Astronaut Routine

In Dem Old Cotton Fields back Home

Floating Down to Cotton Town

Trial and Error Marriage Routine

Mood Indigo

The Experienced Woman Routine

Plenty Good Room

The Jumper Routine

Walk together Chillen

Oh Mona

Final Remarks & Closing Chorus